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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
It was mostly in reference to Robin wanting to stay home instead of coaching, and being apprehensive about jumping directly into that role as opposed to a lesser coach. KW went on to elaborate on that with specifics on support structure and stuff in order to convince him managing wouldn't be a big deal. Most of this happened at his hiring press conference. But initially Robin was not going to say yes.
Yes, I included that in my edit of my above post. I still have a hard time reading as his questioning his fitness for the job. The reality is, being a field manager is a much greater responsiblity than being a special advisor, and making the transition from advisor to manager would be difficult for even an experienced manager. It's not surprising that Robin would be hesitant, but I don't see his hesitancy as his questioning his qualifications for the job. He did take the job (albeit with Williams' encouragement), which he was by no means obligated to do if he didn't believe he was qualified.

As I said, we'll have to agree to disagree on this. I don't see in his comments what you're seeing.
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