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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Ventura's statements are tangible. Interpreting different from me is not the same as me not providing evidence. I know you're not simple, so you're ****ing trolling me. Stop it.
Once again, Ventura never said that he doesn't believe he's the right person to manage the Chicago White Sox. He said that the decisions rests with management, which is absolutely correct.

Originally Posted by blandman has stats on pretty much anything. here's an article about coaches that shows some of the same stuff the numbers are a bit off the last time I looked, but still strongly support me. But a baseball fan, this is more of a common knowledge sort of thing. So it REALLY feels like you're trolling me.
I'm trolling you because you've read an article that I haven't. What? I'll admit that you correctly cited the statistics about MLB managers not lasting four years in a given job. You were correct on that point, as the article supports your statement.

Originally Posted by blandman
Countering my claim that he COULD be fired (as a prediction) IS saying he can't be fired. Don't give me that BS.
That's my point, though. I never said he couldn't be fired, and you haven't proven otherwise. I said that there wasn't any evidence to suggest that he would be, as the Sox are pleased with his performance as manager.

I get everything you're saying, you just aren't saying anything substantial, mixed in with personal jabs.
I'm not going to dignify this last point with a response.
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