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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
You keep repeating the same non-factors over and over again.

You BELIEVE Ventura's statements mean one thing. I believe they, along with the fact that he initially didn't want the job either, mean another. Yeah, I might be wrong. But it's based on something. Something tangible. Something not completely a stretch. And certainly something that doesn't warrant an individual saying that there is something wrong with me personally for thinking.
You have never presented what that "something" is, munch. That's the problem I have with your argument. Show me this "tangible" material, and I'll rethink my argument.

Originally Posted by blandman
The average tenure of an MLB coach is less than 4 years. The odds of coaching less than three is more than 70%. Going through the current coaches doesn't make a lot of sense. It's about median, not mean. Mean tells you nothing.
Where did you obtain these statistics from? Again, you need to provide evidence that supports your statements, or I don't have to take them seriously.

Originally Posted by blandman
In truth, Robin's in the year that determines most coaches' fates. And he's coming off a season where his team fell apart in September. one expected him to get that far. But it still happened. That's a viable reason people lose their jobs. Sure, you can argue the organization won't see it that way. But to argue that there's no way they will? What are YOU basing that on? Because history is FULL of instances that managers get the early can.
I never said that. Show me where I said, "There's no way he gets fired."

Originally Posted by blandman
I like how you left that out the last time. At least it seems you're conceding it, even if you won't admit it.
I'm not conceding anything to you. That you would believe otherwise proves that you just don't get it.
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