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Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
I've really enjoyed this WBC so far- lots of memorable and unique games-
  1. Brazil taking an early lead over Japan- until the more experienced Japan comes from behind to win late
  2. A pretty shocking come from behind win by the Netherlands over Cuba- with the Cubans very exuberant manager
  3. Japan home runs soaring throught the TokyoDome
  4. The joy and exuberance of the Dominican Republic team
  5. This years complete surprise team- Italy (also my favorite uniforms in the tournament)
  6. Team USA's do or die win over Canada- on the edge of having to QUALIFY for the 2017 WBC
I'm a diehard baseball fan (not just an MLB fan)- for me the WBC is better baseball than at least 50% of all MLB regular season baseball- and with the distinctive styles and cultures of each country's team- just a really cool and unique baseball competition.

I do think MLB has to rethink how they make this tournament more accessible on TV and radio- all the US based games during the week should be played in primetime, at a minimum all team USA games should be on MLB radio, and maybe find a way to mix ESPN more- so this tournament gets more exposure. As an earlier poster mentioned- find a way to have the semis on Friday/Saturday- championship should be Sunday night.
I've been a big fan too, but they really need to do something about the rules for playing for a country. The "Italian" team is a joke as half that roster is American anyway.

I also wondered why the Netherlands gets to use players from their territories but there are separate US and Puerto Rican teams? I don't really care on that point, just find it odd.
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