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Originally Posted by LoveYourSuit View Post
The complain from my part is not what the Sox pay their players but what other teams are doing stupidly to inflate the market.

At the pace I see this, unless scouting/player development gets their **** together quick, the Sox will never be competitive again.
Capping the spending won't help the Sox sign better players. It will just make the players base their decisions on other factors besides salary. How many players are dying to play for the Sox? If I take my Sox bias out of the equation, I would guess that most players would rather play for the cubs than the Sox for the same stupid reasons that the cubs are more popular than the Sox. I would also guess most players would rather play for the Yanks and Red Sox. I would also guess that most players would rather play for the California teams.

I would have never guessed 10-15 years ago that the Sox would be where they were in the mid '00's payroll-wise. They will sign the inflated prices when they see players they want to sign to the inflated prices.

Also, the scouting/player development needs to get their **** together quick regardless of the market inflation. The reason it is tougher now is not because of the inflation, but because the guys who would actually be good free agents worthy of huge contracts are for the most part getting locked up early with the teams that drafted them.
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