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Nice to slam the door on the Twins and Royals hopes for a late season run at the Tigers.

1. Love watching Garcia run....he is amazingly fast. I just knew he was going to make that close at first base when I saw the SS doubleclutch a hair....very cool to have a guy that big run that fast...and who will hit for average with those extra infield hits.

2. Rienza has great movement on his breaking ball...straight down, which gave the Royals young lefty hitters fits!

3. I would not mind seeing Dayan moved to 4th or 5th in the batting order,where he might end up longterm. He is not a 3rd slot hitter, but he could be a power guy in 4th or 5th.

4. PK is stuck on 399 doubles, I believe....want to see him get that soon.

5. Call me crazy but I really like Phegley's bat speed and short stroke. He hit it very hard 3-4 times last nite with no hits to show for it, but I really hope he is given a good shot at winning the job again next year.

6. Gordo, Phegley,Garcia, Tank, DeAza, Dunn, Alexei, and Gilaspie are not a bad start for next years squad. Add in a couple of more hitters, and this team can bounce right back and contend.

I am mixed on the Sox winning their way out of the #2 drafting slot....after reading about future Twins superstar Buxton (picked #2) the Sox need to get a superstar of their own in the draft at that slot.

Still....always fun to win.
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