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It's not quite that simple. Peavy's an injury risk who's currently on the DL. He isn't inherently the best option out there. He's got a high ceiling, but so does Garza. Yeah, I'd rather have Peavy. But if the difference between the two is keeping my top few prospects? I'm trading for Garza, hands down.
True, but a big part of it is they are looking to dump Ethier, and they are going to have to take on big salary and give up prospects to get it done(that is if they want a player actually worth the salary). If they traded for Garza, I can't see the Cubs taking on Ethier so they probably have to give up just as many prospects. Besides, the Dodgers have demonstrated they'd rather spend to get the better player. They seem to be interested in making more of a statement to their fans. Being in the NL West, acquiring Peavy would tell their fans they are going all out more than acquiring the others, I would think.
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