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Originally Posted by PolishPrince34 View Post
Look at the change of philosophy around the league. Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, and Oakland are putting an extra $5-7 million in the draft, international signings, going over the MLB slot recommendations and they have the best farm systems in the game. Boston, Dodgers, Philadelphia, Yankees, Texas have been doing it for years are always producing players in their systems. Then you have teams like the White Sox, Mets, and Houston who obey Selig/slot recommendations and continue to be on the bottom of the farm systems. We need to change are way of spending money. If that means we take $5 million off the roster, I'm all for it because it will save us money in the long run by producing players in your own farm system.
The best farm systems according to whom?

You want to see a farm systems that develops MLB players?

Look north, the Twins do it better than anyone, and they don't give huge signing bonuses to unproven talent.

If you want a change in the spending, don't do it by squandering dollars on maybes, and spend it on scouting and development, for every amateur player the White Sox scout the Twins and Dodgers, among others, scout 5. Armed with that knowledge they draft from a position of strength, not from a position of payroll.
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