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Originally Posted by amsteel View Post
RV was hired as a marketing ploy to placate a jaded fanbase. I'm sure there are plenty of STHs that held onto their tickets in the 2011 offseason because of their nostalgic view of RV. He lucked into a nice 3 month run his first year that allowed people to overlook his inexperience as well a the lack of talent on the team.

Nice enough, although boring, guy. But currently MLB manager material? No.

Regarding KW, I realize hindsight biases people's view, but did anyone consider hiring RV a bad move at the time, or was people's view of the hire skewed by their feelings toward Ventura as a player?
There was quite a bit of skepticism about it but a lot of people were willing to overlook his inexperience in large part because of his White Sox career. The fact the Cardinals also hired a former player with no experience didn't hurt.

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