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The Garage Sale was good. For the most part, prices were reasonable. There seemed to be something for everyone this year.

Bats of all players were readily available early. Rios bats were a steal at $50. They just had a lot of Rios bats and were trying to get rid of 'em. Reminded me a bit of the year or two where they had a lot of Thomas bats they were blowing out for $100. I bought an Adam Dunn pink bat showing use for $350. It might seem like a lot of money, but those pink bats are rare. Only one other was available, an unused Rios.

A few helmets were available including a couple of great ones. I scooped up a Vizquel, which is a Hall of Fame item, and a friend pounced on an '83 throwback Pierzynski catching helmet from 2008. Pierzynski has taken to ripping identifying stickers off his equipment in recent years, but this one still had his #12 on it.

Jerseys were plentiful, including some good ones. A friend bought a couple of dark blue throwbacks with "CHICAGO" across the chest of Pierzynski and Rios. A few 1972 throwbacks were available as well. Of course, the regular white, gray and black jerseys were there to be had, too.

A friend picked up two different sets of spikes from Youkilis. They were cheap, something like $30 or $50. It's the first time I can recall spikes of anyone being available.

Lots of different bobbleheads were available, including Guillen, Thome, Buehrle, Swisher, Minoso and Salas. Regular programs were absent this year for some reason, but many types of media guides were for sale.

If I remember correctly, the ever-present Mystery Bags were being sold for $10.

A couple of huge murals featuring 2005 postseason photos were sold for $200. If you could figure a way to get it home and had enough room to display it, it would look awesome in a basement.

Unbelievably, the big tub of game-used baseballs actually had a few from 2005. Some champagne bottles from 2005 were there, too, but I didn't see a price on them. Unlike many sold in the past, these didn't have any MLB holograms on them from what I saw.

And, yes, I even saw an autographed game-used Juan Uribe bat for sale. You just never know what's going to pop up at the Garage Sale.
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