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Originally Posted by TheOldRoman View Post
Pitching was our only strength despite us scoring more runs than the Tigers' and our defense being lightyears better than the Tigers'. Right.

False. August 5th isn't the offseason. And from all accounts, although rare, it was a relatively routine surgery with no complications. Other than a few message-boarders saying he will never be the same just because, I haven't read anything suggesting the surgery could be career altering or anything speculating that six months recovery time before spring training is "rushing it."

Not reality, just injuries. Sure, nobody expected Konerko to hit .400, but he shouldn't have fallen off the face of the earth as he did. And Dunn was having a very good season until he injured his oblique. Sure, those guys could get injured again, but so could Victor Martinez. Cabrera had a historic year last season, which nobody would be likely to reproduce. Add into that the fact that he is a drunken fatass. I'd say there's a good chance he will have a few too many Beefeaters and Italian Beefs and either will impact his performance. Prince Fielder's gotta be about 325lbs and his numbers were down noticably from the year before. He's not getting any younger or skinnier. And you can think Flowers' offense will be terrible, that's fine. In another thread you stated he was only hyped because of numbers he put up before a PEDs suspension, despite the fact that he put up those numbers after his suspension at age 20. Flowers has hit well in the majors when he got playing time. Of course, another huge addition is Keppinger. 3B gave us terrible production last year. Even if he puts up a career-average year for him (.288/.337/.396), it will be a gigantic improvement over last season. And that doesn't account for the idea that any of our players could actually improve.
Oi. I think Danks will be fine. But recovery from his type of injury, in general, takes more than 365 days before a pitcher is as effective.

Injury is a reality for Konerko.

Your fat argument seems to be based on nothing but your opinion of fat people. Plenty of fat people produce with no trouble. And Cabrera's "historic" season isn't really different from his last few. He's just that good. He's the best right handed hitter in baseball the last few years.

Originally Posted by mahagga73 View Post
so you don't think the Sox above average pitching will at least make them competitive? You don't sound real positive about the season. I think they will be in it at least long enough to make the season and summer interesting. With some health and breaks maybe compete for the wild card . Let's remember the Sox almost always do something to improve the team at the deadline. But this is a new GM .
It isn't about being positive or negative. We have slightly above average pitching. Our pitching is not as good as the Tigers. Our 1-4 starters all have injury concerns. We have ZERO minor league depth to weather injuries to the rotation. We'd have to have all guys healthy and pitching well all year to be over .500. It's possible. But I'm not going to act like it's likely. That it happens shouldn't be the expectation, because it's pretty darn unlikely. I'm mad at the team, because this is an obvious flaw in their team design. And I get even angrier that people think this is a negative view. It's a damn realistic view. And it sucks.
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