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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
I doubt those catchphrases appeal to young viewers.

I agree that an outgoing announcer is important. But they've got to be a positive personality, be for the Sox (without over-doing the rooting) and be respectful to the opponent (which Hawk often isn't; "He gone" and "Grab some bench" are bush).

The Sox had 3 announcers who are better than what they have: Singleton, Rooney and Wills.
Well the big thing is too, I am almost 30, so the earliest baseball that I remember was Hawk and Wimpy. I used to love "You can put it on the board, yes"...

BUT, how many parents are going to let their Kids tune into Hawk when every inning he is saying BS, Crap, proclaiming how he wishes they would let him cuss on the air.

The truth is, Hawk is not the vivid and capturing Baseball mind he was 15 years ago. Hawk is an old man who has done what old men do, got old, got grumpy, lost his mind and his ability to be what he once was.