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Originally Posted by Harry Chappas View Post
Hey DirtySox,

As I know you follow the minors pretty closely and I value your opinion, might there be a few "surprises" in the system? In looking at the small sample size thus far, what about the following guys?:

Tyler Kuhn - Seems like a good hitter but lacks power, esp. for 1st
Brandon Short
Brady Shoemaker
Trayce Thompson
Drew Lee
Ross Wilson

Do any of them project to be anything more than career minor leaguers?
I will point you to this, as I pretty much agree with all the assessments within.

And you can read about Drew Lee here.

As for your list, the only prospect I really like is Thompson. Not on your list though are Blanke, and Jose Martinez. I'm high on both of them. Addison Reed and Jacob Petricka should also be followed if they weren't already. Some of the others are worth keeping tabs on, but their performance doesn't tell me much until they face better competition. I would expand my thoughts, but I'm knee deep in term paper and finals studying at the moment.

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