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Originally Posted by cards press box View Post
I don't get your point, at all. All of those players have played well this year, especially Retherford (6 HR 28 RBI .323 Avg. in 130 AB's), Marrero (3 HR 20 RBI .323 Avg. in 155 AB's) and Gartrell (8 HR 28 RBI and .282 Avg. in 142 AB's). The press has not rated them as the top prospects in the organization but have played well. They are, thus, underrated.
It's his shtick to make really out there and indefensibly stupid statements. Or at least it is in this case.

Retherford is making me look like an idiot. I still don't know if he'll handle AAA or MLB pitching, but he looks damn good right now.
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