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I think this is an indication of what a mess Cub finances are right now. Their payroll is down to $92 million, 23rd in MLB. The punch line is only $77 million of that is for people currently on their roster. I can't believe the revenue projections (as developed by Crane Kenney) to pay for both the renovation and talent in the coming years. Also if anybody thinks that $300 million budget is going to hold up once they start tearing up that 100 year old pile of steel and concrete that's been sitting out in Chicago winters, they're dreaming.
The awkward Thanksgiving dinner issue in all of this is just think of all the the TD Ameritrade stock they had to sell in 2009 to come up with the $150 million or so for the down payment on the deal. 2009. What do you think that stock is worth now?
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