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Originally Posted by WhiteSoxNation View Post
1. Peavy ---3.37ERA
2. Sale ---3.05ERA
3. Floyd ---4.29ERA
4. Danks ---4.12(career)
5. Qunitana ---3.76ERA

CL-Reed ---4.75ERA
SU-Crain ---2.44ERA
SU-Thornton ---3.46ERA
MR-Lindstrom ---2.61ERA
MR-Veal ---1.38ERA
MR-Jones ---2.39ERA
LR/MR- Santiago ---3.33ERA

Barring some injuries or trades, or disastrous spring training outings (which really don't matter) We have our 2013 Pitchers set. Even if Peavy, Sale, and Quintana come back to reality a little we still have 5 starters with sub 4 era potential this year. Our Bullpen has some skewed ERAs (Thornton/Reed).

Should be a well pitched season on the Southside this year.

Realistically, only openings are 1-2 Bench spots
It's a decent staff, and an even better pen. The problem is injury concerns for 4 of our starters. Santiago helps a bit, but we've got nothing in the pipe after that. Depth of pitching could really come and bite us in the ass. All of our pitching "talent" close to ready in the minors are hard throwing short inning relievers.
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