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Originally Posted by ChiSoxGirl View Post

I remember the days when Nancy Faust used to play the organ on the lower level of the Hyatt where so many of the autograph stages were set up. I remember when they'd sell Kosher dogs at the concession stands. I also remember how the vendor section of the lower level used to be filled with endless sports memorabilia. Grandstand used to be a fixture at SoxFest; they haven't been there since 2006 because the price shot up when the event got moved to the Palmer House. I also remember when Gene Honda used to be heard announcing different signings and seminars going on throughout the day. These days, Gene is seen & heard at the Opening Ceremony, but that's about it.

What irks me about this whole thing is that, two years ago when I aired my frustrations about the changes SoxFest has endured for the worse at a seminar with Brooks Boyer and Christine O'Reilly, I was told to meet them after the seminar so we could talk. Brooks couldn't have been nicer and from that conversation, my on-field Robin Ventura experience was born. While O'Reilly was cordial to me, she asked that I e-mail her my other comments and suggestions because she said she "wanted to hear from someone with my SoxFest experience." I went home after that weekend and typed up a three-page Word document, e-mailed it to her, and never received a response. To me, that says the organization really isn't all that interested in pleasing its fans when it comes to this event.
Lets be real, Christine O'Reilly is an absolute joke. While Brooks I think is genuinely a great guy, answers fan emails, is just a fantastic person, Christine just likes having the job she does. She is really bad it, however.
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