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Originally Posted by Ex-Chicagoan View Post
That's the way it used to be. Instead, now you've got minor league teams crafting their own logos and identities, and selling more hats. Since the teams are privately owned, generally (not by the parent club), it's an additional revenue source.

And, for the record, A-ball is what I watch mostly in-person anymore. It's not major-league quality by any stretch, but I wouldn't call it "terrible".
Yeah, makes sense I guess. I was just referring to the excellent job the Cubs have done in Iowa. Also, I did mention having the minor league affiliates within TV distance of the MLB team- I just used the Knights as an example because they happen to be the Sox affiliate.

Also, nowadays there's plenty of options for fans living far outside the MLB team's area. Yes, I happen to have Extra Innings... but if I didn't, most sports bars down here would tune a tv to the White Sox if I asked.

(Of course, I'm not going to embarass myself and ask nowadays!)
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