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Originally Posted by SephClone89 View Post
I think you're blowing Williams's comments totally out of proportion. He wasn't implying that he would be suspicious, but that the writers will be. And after seeing how they voted on Piazza and Bagwell this year, would it really shock anyone if Thomas didn't get in next year?
yes. Frank was better than those two. The baseball writers are clearly incompetent and they need to either widen the pool of voters or change the requirements for induction. These same writers who lauded these steroid induced players and their historic achievements at the time, all the while knowing something was amiss, are now acting all holier than thou like they are the guardians of baseball integrity. Most of them are idiots. I'm not sure how much validity the Hall of Fame is going to have if they plan on erasing an entire era of the game and a lot of it's greatest players. These writers like to bring up this character nonsense nonstop but overlook the fact people like Cap Anson and Judge Landis, who both set back intergration for decades due to their racial bigotry are already in. And Ty Cobb is another example, virulent racist who was suspected strongly of throwing games in an era where this was commonplace. All the while this nonsense goes on , players like Raines,Biggio, Mc Griff, Piazza, and others are going to suffer the consequences because the numbers they put up are still being compared to the steroid users of the era and making them look less worthy.

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