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Originally Posted by TaylorStSox View Post
Is it really a white flag when you're in last place?
Very true.

Really though, what tradeable pieces do we have, what would the return be, and would that return be worth it?

I count six guys - Peavy, Rios (may need to eat some salary), Ramirez, Lindstrom, Crain, Thornton as guys who other teams might want (and maybe a 7th in Konerko). I suppose you could also consider Santiago/Quintana at some point too so the rotation isn't so lefty - assuming a healthy Danks - but I couldn't see that being an in-season type move. And I guess if the team is in full tear down and rebuild mode they can look at trading Reed, but at some point they need to look at guys they'd want to build around.

This is - unfortunately - the guys and the roster Robin is working with, but I'd love to see what changes he might have in mind.

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