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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
This would be a good argument except that the team that does integrate itself as not only a member, but rather the focal point of its neighborhood easily draws 35,000+ a night for a team stuck in the ****ter while the team that plays to people who want to live in some kind of car-centric '50s fantasyland can't get more than 25,000 in house during a pennant race. Should be obvious which model is working better in Chicago. And I'm not arguing that the Sox need to completely tear up all the parking overnight (though, deep down, that is the dream) and turn Bridgeport into Wrigleyville south, but it's clear the Sox would be better off if they did SOMETHING to encourage growth around the park.

If the Sox don't want to be a productive member of the city, they'd probably be better served moving the team out to Naperville or Aurora and plowing over a couple acres of farmland. Seems silly to continuously push a park designed for suburbanites in the city and then wonder why people from either demographic don't warm up to it.
Yes they should be in the burbs but thats not going to happen till that sweetheart lease expires. For now my thinking is really try to get that non urban baseball fan. That starts with lowering parking rates. Another thing is that they should hold some sort of events during the off season so people will see the area is indeed safe. Is it possible to hold Sox fest there? Finally, This is coming from left field but is it possible to put a retractable roof on the stadium and enclose it? If possible I know it would have to be paid for by the Sox and not on our dime. I just think that competing with the urban stadium that is already here in Chicago is a losing proposition.
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