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Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo View Post
Honest question: Hypothetically, let's pretend JR desperately wanted to turn the parking lots into mixed-use mid-rise buildings with interior parking garages, first floor retail and restaurant and entertainment destinations, and upper level condos. Would the residents of Bridgeport, acting through their alderman, allow that to happen?

Put another way, does Bridgeport want "Wrigleyville South" around the Cell?
Does Bridgeport want "Wrigleyville South" around the Cell? No, probably not. But if we are talking about drawing the casual fan crowd and even converting them into actual Sox fans, then yes I think a sort of Wrigelyville South is what it would take. I have always held such a crazy idea. Between Bridgeport, Chinatown, & the South Loop, I think it could be sustainable. But it would require the Sox PR & marketing to actually give a damn about converting the casual Chicago baseball fan, both in becoming a far more fan friendly organization and in working diligently to erase misperceptions about the neighborhood. And I personally am not convinced that the Sox want to put for such an effort (as opposed to continually gouging their existing fan base...).
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