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Originally Posted by MarksBrokenFoot View Post
Alexei, Gordon, and De Aza were all better than Dunn last year if you go by oWar. Alexei is easily the best position player on the team. Otherwise, I agree with you, Dunn made that particular team better, but on a dollar per WAR basis, he's awful.
Oh definitely, I'm not trying to say Dunn's not a sunk cost at this point, or that he's anywhere near what an AL team should be expecting offensively from its DH, I'm just saying, this idea that if the Sox had just released Dunn before the start of the 2013 season that they would have somehow been a better team is just not a mathematically defensible position. You wanna consult the oracles and break out the chicken bones, that's fine, you know, I can't argue with that. Dunn's 607 DH PAs would have been replaced by the collection of stiffs I mentioned earlier, which would have easily made a dent in the already paltry 598 runs the Sox produced last year.

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