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Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
Solid 2nd baseman on defense- hit .300+, with OPS ~.760 for June/July (which over a full season would put him between Hendrick and Kinsler among AL 2nd basemen) after coming back from injury and before more injuries set in-

The White Sox are not in a position to simply dump viable major league talent and get nothing in return- IF Beckham can do that over a full season- someone will want him and they can get some talent in return for their overall rebuilding.

DeAza could be very good 4th OF on a contender-

Talent like that can bring some return from a contender who gets hit with injuries during the season-

Their salaries will in no way impede whatever they plan on offering Tanaka-

Semian committed 28 errors across AA/AAA/MLB in 2013- so I'm sure they's like him to stabilize his defense with another year of minor league "seasoning" before asking him to be a starter at the major league level- which seems like a sound player development strategy to me-
I think there's a bigger sample size here already than just hanging your hat on June/July last season.

Yes, $4million is not a ton of money. But is still an unecessary scratch.

You start filling your roster with all these known (average/bad) commodities at $4 million per, and now you have $16 million wasted that could be paid to a star down the line, in July.

Just put a young inexpensive player in there.

Rebuild this thing.
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