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I have to eat crow about Axelrod. I thought the Sox made a mistake when they chose him over Santiago out of Spring Training but all Ax does is give you a chance to win almost every start. I thought his lack of big league stuff would get the best of him but he seems to be the perfect #5 so far. He changes speeds, location, and eye level constantly and keeps hitters guessing. It will be interesting to see how our "crafty right hander" does the second time through the league after teams have seen him before. So far, so good. I don't think he needs to worry about losing his spot when Danks comes back.

Nice to see some offense too even though we missed on some chances to drive a stake in the Carmines. What a difference in the lineup to have Dunn doing what he is paid to do. Also, Tank has really seemed to have turned a corner on his approach at the plate. He is taking his walks, working counts deep, and is not swinging for the Dan Ryan on every pitch. It is a small sample size since his return but the sky is the limit on Tank if he maintains this approach all year. This might be the most "hitter-ish" he has looked.
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