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Originally Posted by Baron View Post
The kid was tearing it up in AA it was clear that he needed to move up
It was a tiny 10 game sample size, and I'd prefer to give Morel more time per level to work on other aspects of his game. [Such as trying to develop power in addition to his high average.]

Besides, it's not exactly like he will be able to single-handedly turn the organization around. I fail to see any harm in him spending half a season in AA before moving to AAA. Let him make the AA All Star Game, and increase his trade value, for example. [EDIT] Or let him make Birmingham [marginally] watchable until reinforcements are promoted from A or demoted from AAA. Or let him enjoy being a STAR @ AA for a little while longer, while letting Viciedo get a few more innings @ 3rd base in Charlotte. [/EDIT]

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