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Originally Posted by voodoochile View Post
Releasing him makes no sense. I stand behind that statement. Moving him down in the order, okay, but what is gained by releasing him? Is there a better bat to put at DH? Is there a potential stud chomping at the bit in the minors who they can put at first and let Paulie DH?

Until those questions have answers in the affirmative, there's simply NO POINT in releasing Dunn. It's half an idea based purely on frustration, not on any chance to open a slot for someone who deserves it.
It's not based purely on frustration.

It's based on an aging DH who has now been hitting .180 for 2+ seasons (14 months of regular season baseball).

There are pitchers in the NL who are better hitters than our DH.

He's now hitting .157 for 2013- 2 points BELOW the 2011 season when they had to sit him down for the last month of the season to avoid having the worst hitting season of any player in the history of MLB.

2012 was a mirage- after Memorial Day, he hit .191, he hit .212 w/RISP.

In my opinion, he's not "slumping", he's not going to "come out of it" (either to help the Sox or generate value for a trade), and just about any alternative is better than the current situation.

I also think this will be 'addition by subtraction" for the clubhouse/team chemistry- not because Dunn is bad guy- he seems to be a great guy- but when someone is failing at the epic level of Dunn's failure- it permeates the rest of a team/organization.

He doesn't bring any value off the bench, he's not going to get better, he's not going to help the Sox for 2013 or 2014- so release him and him move on.

Vs. RHs- Jordan Danks in LF (or in CF, move De Aza to LF) & DH Viciedo, Vs. LH- Keppinger DHs (after Beckham returns), Viciedo back to LF.

Not great alternatives- but an improvement- and at least your defense gets a little better, you're a little more athletic on the bases, and you're giving a young player (Danks) a shot to see if he should be part of your plans for 2014 (replace De Aza).
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