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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post

If you think he's going to finish with 48 home runs and over 100 RBI's you and I need to get together a make a friendly wager.

He can hit 55 home runs for all I care, he's killing this team because of the fact he is hitting.150 yet remains in the clean up role.


That's six organizations then who place a higher priority on winning as opposed to how much a guy makes isn't it?

Again not ripping owenrship, I completely understand why they won't release him. I don't agree with the decision but it's not my money either.

Releasing him makes no sense. I stand behind that statement. Moving him down in the order, okay, but what is gained by releasing him? Is there a better bat to put at DH? Is there a potential stud chomping at the bit in the minors who they can put at first and let Paulie DH?

Until those questions have answers in the affirmative, there's simply NO POINT in releasing Dunn. It's half an idea based purely on frustration, not on any chance to open a slot for someone who deserves it.

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