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Originally Posted by Chez View Post
If Boston doesn't come back to win the Series, the world will never hear the end of it. Books will be written. Movies will be made. Doris Kearns Goodwin and Dennis Leary and Bob Ryan and Ben Affleck etc. Oh ****, I'm not ready for that. The world isn't ready for that. The only thing more insufferable than Red Sox fans after their team has won the WS is Red Sox fans after their team has lost the WS.
You left out the 24 hour a day coverage for at least one week after the Series is over on ESPN with "experts" from every corner of Boston (some of whom might pronounce the letter "r"). The documentary "Joyce Blew It" will become required viewing in the Boston Public Schools at all grade levels and will be re-broadcast on ESPN at least one a week every year for the next 25 years (twice a week during Christmas since the kids will be home from school then).

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