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Originally Posted by Randar68 View Post
Chone Figgins at 3rd? Placido Polanco? Both good but not GREAT defensively and with no real power threat.

This is moot though. The point you are making is one of "how to build a team". It's like the thought that your SS was a low power speed guy at the top of your order. That was true for most of the history of baseball up to the steroid era and Alex Rodriguez really broke that mold and shattered it. You might be able to give Cal Ripkin some credit too. That was how the majority of CF'ers were viewed as well.

But if you have a big middle fo the order at 2B, SS, CF, C, etc you can still use a guy that hits for high average without much pop. You simply cannot judge the value of a player (as a hitter) based solely on what defensive position he's going to play. You can say he doesn't fit on team X, Y or Z, but that doesn't mean he is a positionless waste of a player. Guys like that find the right fit and thrive, even if it is starting out as a utility player.
-Polanco is a 2b. Hes played there the majority of his career. Hes only playing 3b for the Phillies because he filled a hole for the them. Hes actually a perfect example of a guy who came up as a 3b, but was moved to 2b because of his weak bat.
-I already noted that game changing speed is an exception of a guy being able to stick at 3b with limited power. Plus, Figgins isnt a natural 3b either, hes played almost everywhere in his career.
- And of course there are always going to be exceptions of a guy being able to play a position his bat doesnt equate to. Certain teams have the luxury of having a potent lineup and getting away with playing a guy where he doenst belong(ex:philllies with polanco or yankees with gardner). We certainly arent 1 of those teams though. We have a weak lineup as it is, theres no way we could get away with playing a weak bat like Morel at 3B.
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