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Originally Posted by TheVulture View Post
I just can't understand the Hawk hate. I'd love to have someone like Vin Scully, but watch a Cubs, Reds, or Tigers broadcast (like I get here in NE Indiana) and those guys will put you to sleep faster than a "you can put it on the board."
What's the primary difference between Vin Scully and Kasper, Brennaman and Impemba? I don't see why Scully, a rather laid back announcer of the game would be singled out by you as "good" and the others "suck". They're all pretty straightforward play-by-play guys.

Allow me to explain my "Hawk Hate" in a nutshell; From the minute the camera goes on him, he starts:

(1) Editorializing
(2) Opining
(3) Reminiscing
(4) Fantasizing
(5) Overanalyzing
(6) Making up crap
(7) Toting the company line
(8) Making excuses
(9) Trumping himself up
(10) Saying things with zero conversational hook
(11) Acting like he invented baseball
(12) Acting like he's the smartest guy in the room
(13) Presenting obscurity as if it's wisdom
(14) Dominating the atmosphere in the booth
(15) Feigning emotion
(16) Complaining about the umpires
(17) Crying about bad luck

He's gone to so many image iterations over the years HE may not even be sure who he is anymore.

Very much like a chameleon his colors will change when the situation calls for it - the only certainty with him will always be a self-promoting angle.
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