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Originally Posted by TheVulture View Post
I just can't understand the Hawk hate. I'd love to have someone like Vin Scully, but watch a Cubs, Reds, or Tigers broadcast (like I get here in NE Indiana) and those guys will put you to sleep faster than a "you can put it on the board."
I agree.

My priorities for overhauling the WSox broadcast teams-
  1. DJ- a complete embarrassment- always annoys me within the first half inning of turning on the game
  2. Stone- just doesn't fit- very knowledgable/talented- but the monotone/nasal tone combined with his lack of chemistry with Hawk- it's not working
  3. Farmer- Was OK as Rooney's partner- and has his good moments- but overall- not up to par for a major market team
  4. Hawk- Needs to go within the next few years- but I've always found more good than bad with him- but his faults get exposed when its a bad White Sox team- and this is a BAD team. I'd like to see Paciorek back as his partner for his final years in the booth-
"When youíre going good, youíre not that ****ing good,but when youíre going bad, youíre not that bad. Thatís ****ing Satchel Paige there and thatís wisdom.Ē - Don Cooper, April-2019
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