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Originally Posted by RKMeibalane View Post
Calm down. I have seen the article you're talking about. I recognize that Quentin's chances of being hit were small, and that the chances of the average Major League player being hit at that location were even smaller.

TCQ was hit by the pitch because he was crowding the plate, but, as Quentin himself said, he was more upset about what Greinke said to him after he was hit. I'm still skeptical about that, as Quentin also acknowledges that he wasn't sure what Greinke said, and as I've also mentioned, I'll even accept that Quentin wanted to fight as soon as he was hit. I don't, however, think he went to the plate with the intention of letting himself get hit so that he'd have an excuse to pummel Greinke. I'm sorry. That's just too big of a stretch, as all of the stars would have to align, and the universe is not so poorly designed.
I think he's trying to make up a story either way.
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