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Originally Posted by khan View Post
I'm speaking more to the reality that the degree of difficulty rises as a player moves through the minor leagues. Morel will face better breaking balls, fastballs with more movement, and opposing pitchers with higher baseball IQs in AA than he did in A or A+. I'm hopeful that his results will not suffer as a result. But hitting .281 in A+ isn't exactly legendary, is it?

Agreed. But it certainly doesn't make one warm and fuzzy, does it? If memory serves, the previous 3B "prospect" Josh Fields didn't hit for a high average, and struck out a ton as he was sent through the then-craptacular SOX minor league system. When Fields arrived in Chicago, his batting average didn't exactly skyrocket.

I'm not suggesting that this will happen to Morel. I suppose I'm merely adverse to seeing Morel [a player who I believe in, BTW] become a low-average, under-powered player at his position in the Bigs.
We're all adverse to that. But if Morel hit for .250 - .260 and played great defense, I'd welcome him to this team with open arms. We need better infield defense -- who am I kidding? We need better defense all around the diamond.
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