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Originally Posted by DirtySox View Post
So Morel has peaked? A player can improve on things believe it or not.

Not to say that Morel necessarily will, but to condemn a player as a .240 hitter in the bigs (if he even makes it there) because he hit .281 in High A is rather shortsighted.
I'm speaking more to the reality that the degree of difficulty rises as a player moves through the minor leagues. Morel will face better breaking balls, fastballs with more movement, and opposing pitchers with higher baseball IQs in AA than he did in A or A+. I'm hopeful that his results will not suffer as a result. But hitting .281 in A+ isn't exactly legendary, is it?

Using A+ statistics to project major league performance isn't a good idea. Batting lines become more credible/projectible as players rise, and improvement is what's most important at the lower levels.
Agreed. But it certainly doesn't make one warm and fuzzy, does it? If memory serves, the previous 3B "prospect" Josh Fields didn't hit for a high average, and struck out a ton as he was sent through the then-craptacular SOX minor league system. When Fields arrived in Chicago, his batting average didn't exactly skyrocket.

I'm not suggesting that this will happen to Morel. I suppose I'm merely adverse to seeing Morel [a player who I believe in, BTW] become a low-average, under-powered player at his position in the Bigs.
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