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Originally Posted by sox1970 View Post
I think you can have preseason expectations and also change those expectations as the year goes on. Chris Sale pitching like an ace, a healthy Peavy, Rios, Dunn, Konerko in April and May, AJ, Youkilis move, Quintana (who?), Jones, Reed for a while....there have been a ton of unexpected things this season, but those things happened while the Tigers played bad defense and didn't hit as much as they should have in the first half.

By late August, the Sox were in a position to play a favorable schedule to get to 90 wins. If they don't get there now, it's a disappointment. If they don't make it to the postseason, I'll look at some of the individual things as a success this season, but ultimately they would be the 6th, 7th, or 8th best team in the American League, and that's just not good enough...again.
I agree with this, but the point remains if back in March any of us knew for a fact the Sox would be 1.5 games up with ~10 days to go in the season we'd have been damned happy.

Oh and I finally found someone who predicted the Sox to win the division...

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