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I'd like to reiterate PHG's point because some posters seem to think this forum is designed specifically so they can dog on the flubbies.

It's not.

The reason flubbie related posts go in this forum is because historically it's proven impossible to have a rational discussion about the crosstown Chicago baseball team without a select flubsessed few jumping in and crapping all over the thread or ranting about the bias the flubs receive from the media.

Ideally, WSI would love to be able to move all the flubbie posts into the Talking Baseball forum, but unfortunately those few flubsessed fans make it impossible to do so. Thus we created WTS not as an encouragement for irrational posters to vent their spleen, froth at the mouth and scream "flubs suck" in all caps, but because we find those posts to be an embarrassment to Sox fans and the site in general. So we built a garbage dump to house them in. The alternative was to accept the select few who would walk into the middle of our living room, take a dump on the carpet, pee on the drapes call it fine art and defend their right to keep on doing it.

In reality, we wish the peeing and dumping would stop altogether and that fans feeling the need to rant about the flubs would go do it on a flubs suck site or join a chat group or post status updates on Facebook. Just because we live with it doesn't mean we have to like it, accept it or encourage it.

Please keep this in mind when posting in this garbage dump of a forum...

Riding shotgun on the Sox bandwagon since before there was an Internet...

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