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Default Whiffing on Machado was a blessing

Had the Sox spent the $300mm+, it would have meant that either Anderson or Moncada would have been pushed to the OF. I'm not sure either would be enjoying a breakout season if that were the case. You also add a player that for all of his talent, is kind of a jackass. I'm not sure that would have been the best in terms of clubhouse chemistry which seems to be amazing right now.

Now, they know that pitching is their achilles and the money that they'd earmarked for Machado can be used to fill some of those holes. Cole is obviously the biggest target but it's pretty easy to improve upon Nova, Despaigne, Banuelos, Santana, Covey, etc. even if they miss on him. Just adding Kopech and Cease to the rotation will be an immediate improvement even if they go through some growing pains.

They'll also likely be adding Robert and Madrigal at some point which will improve both their defense and offense.

We're on the cusp of seeing this rebuild come to fruition and it's going to be glorious.
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