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Originally Posted by mzh View Post
I'd be careful here... I think a closer is a little analogous to an NFL kicker. The difference between a solid closer and a dumpster fire is only a few blown saves here and there, but boy do you notice their absence when you don't have one. It's not quite as simple as plugging in another reliever with a nice ERA. Probably the first (of very many) things that sent the otherwise promising 2011 season off the rails was Matt Thornton picking up 4 (!) blown saves within the first couple weeks of the season.

Overall, in terms of selling on players like Colome and Abreu, I'm wary of continuing to kick the can down the road forever. Sometimes it's okay to pay a little bit of a premium for consistency, leadership, and known quantities. I could very well be wrong but I'd rather err on the side of assuming Abreu's production from 2020-2022 will probably be worth more than the expected value of the low minor leaguer with a 10% shot of even making the big leagues they'd get for him.
I agree. I don't mind them listening to offers, but if nothing of serious value is offered, I'd personally prefer they keep them around.

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