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Originally Posted by Mohoney View Post
Non-tendering doesn’t make sense. Avi’s non-tender burned our asses pretty badly. With relief pitching being in such high demand in this day and age, someone, somewhere, will give you something for a single year of Colomé.
The thing is, we don't need to speculate about Colome's trade value because we know exactly what it is. He's been traded twice in the past calendar year and change, once for a 27 year old catcher with one good half-season under his belt (Narvaez) and once with Denard Span for two nothingburger pitching prospects (although to be fair that was also a salary dump). With just one year of control left, there's no evidence you could bank on getting more than that. It's fair to disagree, but at this point I personally would rather keep him around for a team that might have a legitimate shot at contention next year. If anything, I'd hate to see a team that might otherwise have a non-minuscule shot in a weak division get torpedoed by another ****ty bullpen.
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