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The internet has given a platform for a very small amount of people to complain, then the media does a story on it and it becomes a "controversial story" but it's not really a movement, it's lazy journalism.

But as someone that lived though the disco era, the biggest annoyance was that a lot of great bands jumped on the disco bandwagon and made horrible, embarrassing music. The Rolling Stones made Miss You, Rod Stewart with Do Ya Think I'm Sexy, the Beach Boys made Here Comes The Night, The Greatful Dead made Shakedown Street. All of these songs are sad and pathetic when compared to the classics they made prior.

The early 70's was a great time for Rock and Roll music but by the late 70's, the drugs and drinking really took their toll and some great bands started to fade fast. The anti-disco movement wasn't necessarily anti-disco as it was that rock and roll in the late 70's wasn't good and disco was very disco took the brunt of the criticism.

As for the disco backlash for the gay community, that never even appeared to me and it's something I didn't hear of until like 2003. Maybe some people associated disco music with the gay community but I didn't. In the late 70's if you went to club with dancing they played disco just like now if you go to a club they will play dance music. The types of music have changed but it's always been dance music.