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Originally Posted by KingXerxes View Post
A rebuild of the team doesn't necessarily mean the White Sox can't pack US Cellular while losing. Here's a plan:

Hire, or bring out of retirement, every single juicer, malcontent, jerk, dingbat or horse's ass who has played major league baseball in the past fifteen years. I imagine a line up consisting of such names as Milton Bradley, Robert Fick, Jose Canseco, Jeff Kent, Albert Belle, John Rocker can be had for a song and dance, and the entire present roster can be traded for prospects. Hell - have the team managed by Gilbert Arenas (and contend that his absolute lack of baseball knowledge, and formidable firearms collection is an asset), and Ken Harrelson can fill the blank spots in his broadcasts by informing the audience of the latest locker room brawl or run-in with the media - and how this shows the collective "will to win" of the entire roster.

In a couple of years (of what I'm sure would be national coverage and sell out crowds), bring up all the prospects who can actually play the game.
Heck, with this plan you could bring back Ozzie.
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