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Originally Posted by thomas35forever View Post
Apparently, Cubs losses expose their fans for the violent, racist pricks they are, as such:
"Security" at Wrigley is a joke. I was at a game against the Brewers a couple of years ago and sat in the Budwieser Deck (Right Field corner Bleacher section). A fan in the regular Bleachers kept yelling non-stop vile anti-Semitic **** at Ryan Braun for five innings along with comments about what he (the fan) did with Braun's wife "last night" (hint: it was not attending Bible class). This was at the top of his lungs and not only could everyone sitting in RF hear this, so could Braun who did a great job of ignoring him (well, Braun did a couple of really nice catches and hit a dinger in what was a Brewer win) . After five innings of this non-stop crap, two "security "people came down to tell him to shut up. They left with the "fan" still in his seat and he continued his harangue until the game was over with the "security" people standing at the top of the section taking in the ballgame.

At Comiskey, I've seen jerks escorted out for one inning of yelling **** at an opposing player that is over the top offense (personal attacks beyond "you suck!").

..and they (Cub fans) tell us we lack class...

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