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Default Cubbie Fan Hatred of Hawk

Cubbies fans hatred for Hawk amuses me. Ive had a dozen debates with them about their hatred of Hawk. The reason they hate Hawk? Homerism. Catch phrases. Bashed the cubbies.

Regarding the first two, ever see the statue of Harry outside Wrigley? Harry and Jack were homers. What about Hey, Hey and Holy cow? Those catch phrases were on the Wrigley foul poles.

The, I hate Hawk because all he does is bash the cubbies, I always ask, what has Hawk said about the cubbies? Hawk dislikes Wrigley but cubbies fans said this about Hawk before he expressed his dislike of Wrigley. I have yet to get an answer. I should be clear, I have been told, Im not researching this for you... and I cant give exact quotes... and my favorite, I dont watch Sox games... If you dont watch Sox games how can you emphatically claim Hawk bashes the Cubs all the time?

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