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Originally Posted by slavko View Post
He filled that hole mighty good, since he was fat and out of shape. Hit .270, no power, we would have wound up the same with Wise and Anderson.

All this to go into the HOF wearing a White Sox hat.
First of all, Griffey was replacing Swisher, who was batting .190 or something obscene. Wise had replaced Quentin. Second, .270 is not a bad average. I'm surprised in this day and age when guys get away like Dunn has, batting .200, that anyone would say .270 is bad. Third, I'm guessing Kenny knew what kind of "shape" Griffey was in when he made the trade. Fourth, the Sox gave up a bucket of balls for him in Nick Massett. There was nothing wrong with that trade, and it was cool to see him in a Sox uni to boot.
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