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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Robin blew it last year.
Give me a break. Yes, the Sox fell apart down the stretch, but no one expected them to contend in 2012. That they did anything at all is a testament to Robin's influence over a club that struggled mightily under the leadership of Ozzie Guillen.

Originally Posted by blandman
And the Sox are largely (optimistic) favored to not be good.
And this means that Robin's going to quit? I could understand his leaving if there were another managerial post available, but there isn't, and Robin seems comfortable in Chicago. I don't know why he didn't extend his contract: he probably had reasons for not doing so that we're not aware of. I won't speculate about something I don't have knowledge of.

Originally Posted by blandman
In the AL Central watch thread, another poster, without response, insinuates that Jim Leyland, all time great and coach (who would never be fired) of what is largely considered the best team in the league, will be the first to go.
Leyland is a HOF'er, but that doesn't mean his position is invulnerable. I don't think he'll be fired, but I can understand why someone would think so if the Tigers don't meet expectations.

Originally Posted by blandman
And I'm the one getting flack?
I don't know why the other posters are giving you a hard time. I'm doing it because I'm sick and tired of reading your unsubstantiated bull**** day after day. Do you have any facts at your disposal- besides Robin not extending his contact- that suggest he's about quit or be fired? Do you have any information suggesting that the Sox will make a change in their hierarchy this season?

Originally Posted by blandman
The **** is wrong with me? The **** is wrong with all of you.
Once again, I won't speak for other posters. If there is something wrong with me, perhaps it is that I am too inflexible in my thinking, as I'm loath to jump to conclusions unless I have a significant portion of the information about a subject. That's the reason for my position on this issue. I don't believe that Robin's departure is eminent because I have no information that supports the idea, and I won't speculate by tossing out ideas that may inflame the board.
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