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Just watched the tape of the press conference and I was struck by something Hahn said.

He was asked about the minor league system and acknowledged the reports on how 'bad' it was rated but then said (paraphrasing) that the Sox have spent money on it and it is doing the job that the Sox are expecting it do. He then talked about the function of the minor league operation in the Sox organization.

I'm guessing that if there's anyone out there who thinks the Sox are going to increase the number of teams, sign more scouts or increase the number of minor league players that's probably not going to be happening.

If my guess is true, I'm a little surprised. I just got the impression that Rick was more of a minor league / stat guy type than Kenny.

Also just FYI. Rick is going to be available on a conference call Tuesday to a select group of Sox web sites. I will be participating in the call and will have a report later that night.

I want to listen closely to what Rick has to say for the future and am going to ask him about the "second half blues" over the past decade...why he thinks this is continually happening and what he thinks is the solution.

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