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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
Story today in the Tribune that quotes Dr. Lewis Yokum the guy who did the surgery on Strasburg, as saying the Nationals never consulted with him on the decision to shut him down.

Said Strasburg is still upset over what happened.

As cruel as it sounds, he's the Nationals property and he does what he's told. Maybe if he hadn't gotten shelled in two of his last three starts and if his ERA wasn't steadily rising since the all-star break, he'd still be pitching. But clearly something was off with him whether it was physical or mental or a combination of both. He has not been "vintage" SS for a long time, that's what people still don't seem to get.

And his replacement, John Lannan, as expected did just fine the other night, allowing two hits over seven innings and no runs. Ironic that in the week or so since the announcement the Nats division lead has grown to its largest this year. Clearly they are collapsing and doomed without SS.
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