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Originally Posted by DirtySox View Post
Kind of excited about the pitching. Edwards/Griffith/Jones in particular. Bellamy/Rodriguez/Remenowsky are nice to follow as well. The position players aren't very exciting at all though, especially with Phegley on the DL. I don't have high hopes for Gilmore despite his hot start.
I hear you about the pitching staff, the 1-5 of Leesman, Griffith, Sauer, Edwards and Jones is pretty sick and the bullpen is equally good.

I think the position players have potential, they're just raw and undeveloped. Brandon Short is a guy that really intrigues me, great mix of speed and power, if he can show some patience at the plate he could turn into a real sleeper. Drew Garcia can really pick it at 2B and has a decent bat, maybe he can take the C.J. route up the minor leagues. I've also been impressed with Justin Greene since we drafted him, a little old but he's adapted to every level he's been pushed to.

I don't understand why everyone is so down on Gilmore though. I know his power stats leave much to be desired but the kid is only 21 and a high round draft pick. He might turn out to be a Ryan Sweeney type hitter, hopefully with more pop.
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