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Originally Posted by Nellie_Fox View Post
Matter of opinion.

It really is.

There aren't many baseball announcers that I can enjoy because it's as much about them as the game, if not because of their voices. I strongly disliked Ken Harrelson, as an announcer long ago because of his ego. What I've heard of him more recently was much the same but slower. All that golf stuff bothered me immensely. Harry Caray with his energy sounded great after Bob Elson, but it didn't take long before his ego became grating. And thre were all those shout outs to Pete Vonachen for no apparent reason.

The A's announcers are simply awful. Ray Fosse, with all that baseball experience, catching no less, doesn't even know the rules. And he's so aggressive when he's so obviously wrong. There was a game against the White Sox early this spring where he was ripping on Renteria for not asking for an instant replay on a bad call in the forth or fifth inning a few hitters after Renteria lost a challenge on another bad call, taking replay out of the equation.

I always quite enjoyed Tom Paciorek's color and find Jon Miller, Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow of the Giants a joy to listen to. Vin Scully and baseball were a perfect match. But some people prefer the ego. Better yet, if an announcer is cheering for your team, you might not care how weak he is at his craft. (Ron Santo comes to mind.)

The game should be the thing. An announcer should have some personality and even have moments of fun, but it should be about the game. It's funny, though, how much impact an announcer can have on enjoyment of a game.

One spring in the 1970s, a friend asked me one spring who would be the main catcher for the Sox in the upcoming season. I told him I thought it would be Bill Naharodny, visibly upsetting my friend. I told him Nahadrodny looked like he could be a good catcher, but my friend said skills behind the plate were not the issue.

He dreaded the thought of a summer hearing Harry Caray talking about what "Naharodny" was doing behind the plate.
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